Tracing Services

After realising an opportunity in tracing the massive unclaimed benefits that had accumulated across the Retirement Fund Industry, BBS introduced a tracing division in 2007. This brought in a better and a more direct approach to tracing members/beneficiaries/guardians.

While most Tracing companies prefer making telephone calls to “trace” beneficiaries as well as putting adverts in the press, we use tracing agents (Foot Soldiers) who directly track, find and interview the members/beneficiaries/guardians.  By so doing, there is a very slim chance of bringing fraudulent members/beneficiaries/guardians to the fund.

We also make use of staff and contractors who are familiar with the areas they are assigned to trace; usually locals to the area. Furthermore, we have a large network that includes local authorities and tribe chiefs that also enables us to trace people throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

We have developed extensive databases and, together with access to third party databases, we are able to data match, validate and trace individuals.